Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holly Losing Leaves

I have a “Mary Nell” holly. It is also losing leaves, primarily on the back side (shadier side). I thought it might be some type of insect, like a spider mite but now I’m not sure. The one side is almost bald. Even the new growth will curl and eventually drop. I am really upset b/c we spent a lot of money on this tree. Could you please advise me on what to do or who I could call to take a look. We are in Apex.

-- Anonymous

Anne's response:

The symptoms you describe on the holly are similar to the damage that comes from chemicals. Could the back of the plant be facing a house that was power washed with strong chemicals or spray painted? Could it have been exposed to a herbicide spray. There are several sprays that cause problems when temperatures get above 70 degrees. With serious problems on major trees and shrubs in my landscape I rely on the services of a reputable tree service such as Bartlett Tree for a diagnosis and treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ann,

Thank you for your response about my Mary Nell. Maybe I did the damage. I sprayed it with a product called Malathion spray b/c I thought it had spider mites. I sprayed this at the same time on my Encore azaleas and they responded well. It just seems lately that I battle everything. I planted three sweet shrubs (Calycanthus) and they are losing leaves. The leaves are drying up and it almost looks scorched. I know you said to contact Bartlett Tree Service, but I was wondering if you thought the pesticide did the damage. I would greatly appreciate any input.

Michelle in Apex