Friday, November 7, 2008

Propogating Corn Plants

I have a corn plant that has grown to the ceiling. It is in very good health and has three small shoots growing around the bottom. I would like to cut the top out but I'm not sure how I should do this. Do you have any suggestions?

-- Tracy

Anne's Response:

Some people like to propagate the corn plant by making a small cut at a growth ring below the tuft of top leaves, wrap the area around the growth ring with a piece of damp spagnum moss and cover the moss with a clear plastic. You seal the top and lower edge of the plastic with tape to provide a moist environment. When you see roots begin to form you cut the stalk below the plastic and pot up the new plant. You can then cut the tall stalk to the base and leave the three neww shotts to make a plant.Sometimes you can cut the main trunk to the desired height; make the cut just above a growth ring and the plant will put out a new growth. The trunk will not be perfectly straight above the cut because the new growth will come out to the side of the stem.

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