Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suggest a Vine

We need a really fast growing vine to cover some fencing for privacy purposes. We don't care what it looks like just that it grows fast and stays green in winter. We live in Cary, NC. Any ideas for us?

-- Victoria

Anne's Response

One plant that might work very well for you is Carolina Jasmine. It is a native plant, evergreen foliage and a slightly fragrant yellow bloom in late winter. They have begun blooming now and are sometimes seen in trees along the roadside. I grow the cultivar "Pride of Augusta" on a fence on my pproperty and find it makes a nice screen that can be controlled with pruning in the spring after it blooms. Another solution might be the native American Honeysuckle - not the Japanese version that takes over the world. There are white, pink and red cultivars on the market.

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Hena said...

Thanks for some great suggestions for vines! I'm new to this area and was looking for advice on this and other landscape planning ideas.
I really enjoy your different articles.