Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Viburnum plants dying

Several months ago my husband and I planted six viburnum bushes approximately 5 feet tall. Our soil is typical for the Clayton/Smithfield area and consists of a clayey/silt.

We have watered the plants on a regular basis as we did plant them mid-summer and wanted to ensure sufficient water. However, I am noticing that my viburnum leaves are browning and beginning to curl and drop off.

I am not sure which species of viburnam I have, I believe it is the snowball. Can you assist me with why my leaves are turning brown, curling up and dropping off?

-- Catherine

Anne's Response:

Most viburnums are deciduous plants so I would expect them to lose leaves in the fall. It is a bit early but dogwoods and some other trees are already losing leaves, probably because of the low rainfall this summer. Since your plants were put in the ground this summer they may be under a bit more stress than they will be in future years. You may want to use some composted leaves as a mulch under those plants. It will help the soil retain moisture and will provide some nutrients for
root growth this winter.

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