Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Banana trees


I have 3 banana trees that thrive on the marsh near Charleston, SC.
With killing frosts, they totally die back. They usually grow to about
5 feet each summer. After the frost, do I cut them back during the winter or spring, or do I just leave them alone and take care of themselves? I hear opposing viewpoints all the time.


Anne's Response:

The Charleston area is a bit warmer in winter than we are in Raleigh so you can cut back bananas after the first winter frost kills them back.
If you do cut them back in cold weather the ground should be mulched with ground leaves or pinestraw to protect the trunk of the plant. You can safely cut back bananas in my area in the spring and I prefer to remove the remains from last years' plant. It looks better and you remove any overwintering disease or insect problems.

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