Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crape Myrtle

I live in the very southern end of north Florida and I planted 3 crape myrtle's 3 years ago and are about 6' high and I can't get them to bloom. I planted them where we had pine tree's removed about 8 years ago. Could this be the problem? Also when can I prune them?? Tks, Bobbie

Anne's Response:

Crape myrtles usually bloom when they are planted in full sun. There should be no problems from the pine trees previously planted in the area. Crape myrtles may be pruned in very early spring before new growth begins to develop as the plants bloom on new wood. Excess nitrogen fertilizer does reduce the blooms on the plants. Getting a soil test from the area would give you some indication of excess fertilizer in the fall. Not doing any “tip pruning” on stems for a year or two might help. You could remove limbs the rub against others and dead wood but no other pruning.

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