Monday, January 7, 2008

Nelly Stevens Holly


We just moved to a new house and now that the leaves have fallen, our rear yard has less privacy. We're thinking of planting Nelly Stevens Hollies. Do you think it's OK to plant the now?

Also, do you have any suggestions for a screening shrub that grows more "up" than "out". We have a fenceline about 12 feet from our house (somewhat shady area) that I would like to plant shrubs to provide screening as well as some aesthetics to complement the picket fence.

Any and all advice appreciated.


Daren K.

Anne's Response:

A Nellie Stevens Holly would make a very good hedge. They grow very quickly and can be planted now if the soil is amended with organic matter to hold water. You may want to find some means of collecting rain water for the plants if the drought does not break because they will need to have enough moisture for root growth the first year they are in the ground. Some plants that are “tall and skinny” include Japanese Cleyera, Thuja Orientalis ‘Aurea Nana’ (golden arbovitea), Spiny Greek juniper and some of the tall thin sasanqua camellias. The camellias and cleyera do better in shade.

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