Friday, August 1, 2008

Any Help for Chipmunks?

They're taking over and my yard looks like a miniature golf putting green with too many holes! What can I do?

-- Terry

Anne's Response:

Legally you can use Hav-a-Heart traps to capture the varmits so you can relocate them to a place "far-far-away", at least 2 miles according to the sources I've talked to. They don't seem to have many natural predators in urban areas. Some dogs and cats hunt them rather agressively. Dachshounds seem to be very good at scratching them out of their burrows but that may cause as much damage as the chipmunks. I did discover that using the rodent bait boxes to get some Norway rats in my yard I saw a decline in my chipmunk population.

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Anonymous said...

I have voles and moles in my yard. They are every where. What can you do? I have read all about the flower pot and trap ideas on the internet. I even talked to a Master Gardener at the Farmer's Market. They told me to get an outdoor cat or black snake. I have 4 vibrating vole sticks from the garden store in my yard. So far nothing has worked except dumb luck when I accidently dug up a mama and her 7 babies (voles) and caught a mole under a stepping stone. What is your suggestion?