Friday, August 1, 2008

Is it a Weed?

The garden in a recently purchased home has had many varieties of plants bloom this spring and summer. Now an unusual plant has grown up which has not yet budded and we're wondering if you can help us identify it. We don't want to assume it is a weed if it's actually something wonderful about to happen.

-- Rosalie

Anne's Response:

You have a weed that you need to get rid of before it takes over the yard. It is in flower and will set seeds in a week or so so pull it up as quickly as possible. The common name for the plant is "Mole Plant"; it is a member of the euphorbia family that has been sold by one of the seed companies as a means of controlling moles. It doesn't seem to do anything to get rid of moles and voles but it will multiply like mad.

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