Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flowering Bushes

Hello Anne,

I'd like to get your recommendation on which type of flowering bushes I should consider planting in my front yard. Currently, everything in my front yard is green, and I'd like to add some bushes that flower often with a color other than green. My local gardening store recommended Loropetulum's, and I wanted to get your thoughts about this. Since I'm not a very diligent waterer, I'd like to get something that is virtually maintenance free; also I'd like a bush that the deer won't like to snack on.

The designated areas in my yard get morning shade, and full afternoon sun. I'd like to get bushes that will grow to about four feet in height and three to four feet in width. Also, please let me know what type of nutrients/soil I should plant these with.

Thanks very much for your help, and I enjoy your show on News14.! Ed

Anne's response:

You might consider some variegated foliage plants and plants with yellow or red foliage. I like Gold Mop Chamaecyparis, Girard's Rainbow Leucothoe, Japanese Aucuba (for shady areas), variegated hollies. One problem with the purple lorpetumum is that it grows to be a much larger plant than people expect and it is hard to keep it pruned as a small shrub.

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