Saturday, April 26, 2008

Transplanting a Pineapple Plant

Hi Anne,
How do you transplant a pineapple plant? These two plants are from the tops of pineapple that a lady at work gave me two years ago and told me to plant them. I did. Now they are doing really well but they are planted in buckets that held bubble gum in bulk. The buckets are cracking from age, the plants are two this summer. But they are approx 2-3 feet wide and around and have long pointy sharp fonds/leaves. How do I safely, properly transplant them?

Anne's response:

Most pineapples grow well for two years and then start to decline. They should produce fruit one year from planting, produce the second fruit and then start to decline in vigor. If you want to try to keep them alive and transplant them, find a container at least 6 inches wider than the one they are in. Remove the plant from its current container – wrapping the plant with a piece of canvas or other sturdy fabric that will allow you to work with the plant. Place enough soil in the bottom of the container to support the current root system. Place the plant on top of the soil and fill in around the root ball.

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