Saturday, April 26, 2008

Garden Clubs?

There are so many plants in my yard, I have no idea what a lot of them are. I had dead looking sticks which have now produced leaves. Some are a reddish orange color and some are large leafy green. I have what I think are some type of laurel on the side of my garage and in my back yard. One type, the new leaves are red and the other stays green. Each day I look for more plants to pop up. It's GREAT!! I am now planting an herb garden. I am a novice gardener but I love it and want to learn more. I love to watch the plants grow and take care of the yard. Are there any gardening clubs in Greensboro ( Green Valley Area) I could join that would help me learn the plants of NC and how to take care of them ???

Anne's response:

There are lots of good garden clubs in Greensboro and there is a Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs. Check the telephone book or the internet for an address and telephone number.

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Joseph said...

There is actually a garden club in Greensboro called Green valley!

Check them out and see if that helps!