Friday, December 7, 2007

Dying Leland Cyprus Question

Anne… I have a privacy border consisting of about 8 leland cyprus running along each side of my back yard to screen my deck from the neighbors. The yard slopes away from the house.

On each side of the yard, I'm loosing the two or three leland cyprus at the lowest end of the row… those downhill and furthest from the house.

At first I thought it must be the drought… but as a few showed signs of ill health I hit them pretty hard with a lot of water. No use. They continued to decline.

I'm wondering if there is something else causing the trees to die… and if I should quickly cut them down to keep them away from the remaining healthy trees.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Tom P.
Waxhaw, NC

Anne's response:

The plants at the lower end of the row may have been planted too deeply in the ground or they may be in an area that retains more moisture then those at the top of the hill. I would did around the plants to see if you can determine if the roots are too dry, too wet or smothered with too much soil.

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John said...

I have lost a few Leland Cypress trees this summer & fall of 2007. I think it is clearly the historic drought we have had and probably nothing else.