Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pine Trees


I’m really glad that you’re part of the News 14 Local News. Being new to the area and very much into gardening myself, I’ve learned a great deal from your segments. ‘Thanks You’

Question – I’ve recently had to have several dead pine trees cut down in my yard and I’ve even noticed more in my backyard that are dead – they were all good size pine trees, way taller than my home and cost a pretty penny to have them cut down. Then I noticed several other dead pine trees in my neighborhood – what is killing them? It is; lack of water, age or some type of bug?

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you,

Anne's response:

In new neighborhoods it is often caused by damage to tree roots in new home construction – and in hot dry weather the problem is worse. Another major cause of pine damage is the pine beetle. We have had a number of pine bark beetle infestations in Wake County. Living trees can be protected with some chemical sprays that are available to tree care professionals. Once the tree shows signs of damage it is usually recommended that property owners remove the trees to get rid of the pest. When you have a number of trees dying it may be time to consult a certified arborist that can diagnose the problem. Companies such as Bartlett Tree will often do a free consultation to diagnose the problem.

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