Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Killing grass in ground cover

We have grass growing in a couple of spots in our flower bed amongs the low growing ground cover. I have pulled and pulled the grass out but it is a losing battle. Is there a product that you can safely apply that kills grasses but does not harm other plant life? Harold M.

Anne's response:

There are herbicides labeled as “grass-killers” or are labeled to kill grassy weeds in shrubbery. Ortho has one in their line; so does Bayer, Bonide and Hi-Yield. Many of these products will take care of the grass you have growing in the groundcover. Read the label carefully to make sure it is safe to use on the ground cover you have. Remember that “Mondo Grass” is a groundcover and member of the lily family of plants. It is not a grass.

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