Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Gardenia

I live in South Florida and had a very healthy Gardenia that I moved to the side of the house about 2 years ago. It has never grown leaves. I cut it down to help it along and it still remains bare. It is not dead. What can I do?

Thank you,

Anne's response: It may not be dead but a plant that has not had leaves in two years is not healthy and may never recover. There may be a problem with the root system of the plant in its new location. It needs good drainage - no wet feet - but it is not very drought tolerant. The soil should be acidic and contain a high level of organic matter. If the plant is near a concrete slab there may be too much lime in the soil. A plant that is too deep in the ground may also suffer. The plant should be planted a bit higher in the ground than it was in its original location. This allows the soil to settle without lowering the crown of the plant. The plant needs at least 4 hours of sun for good growth. If the stems of the plant show signs of green buds beginning to swell this spring fertilize the plant with a fertilizer for blooming plants.

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