Friday, December 7, 2007

Magnesium Sulphate

Would a solution of Epsom Salt poured on any plant material have a harmful affect on the plant?

Would it have a beneficial affect on some plants and if so whhat plant family would it be beneficial for??

Thanks for your wonderful program, I try to listen each week on PTF.

Ted A.

Anne's response:

Some soils are deficient in magnesium so adding Epsom salt is recommended in many organic gardening books to improve the color and taste of carrots, eggplants and tomatoes. Rose growers often sprinkle a half cup of Epsom salts around rose bushes in early spring to encourage basal breaks for new canes from the base of the plants. It does get mentioned in some texts as a means of encouraging more vivid colors in ornamentals. As with all garden chemicals adding material that is not needed or adding excess amounts will cause other problems. It is a good idea to take soil tests in our yards every 5 years to make sure what materials are deficient or in excess.

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