Monday, March 10, 2008

Chick-weed investation

Hi; Last year my parents put out a lot of money to turn their back yard back into grass. This included a chick-weed infestation. At this time the yard is mostly grass, however there still is a lot of chick-weed. My question all relate to this, should I kill all the chick-weed and grass with a product like round-up and start from scratch? I have a lot of friends that are looking to make some extra money, so I will have no problem finding enough Manuel labor. How would you proceed?

Anne's Response:

Round-up will kill all the grass and the chickweed. Use a broadleaf weed killer such as Weed-be-gone or 2-4D to kill the chickweed and leave the grass. Put out the chemical on a day when the temperature is over 60 and rain is not expected for 24 hours. Don’t mow the lawn for a week after you apply the weed killer to allow it more time to kill the roots of the weeds.

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