Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fertilizing Green Giant Arborvitae Trees


I saw a recent post (3/19) in which someone remarked that they had over-fertilized their green giants, but no amount was mentioned.

I lost two of mine late last year and I wonder if it is from the same cause.

What are the proper fertilizer, amount and time to fertilize these? Mine are about 4 ft tall.

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Anne's Response:

The amount of fertilizer you use depends on the brand of material you use and the amount of nitrogen. An 8-8-8 fertilizer contains 8% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus and 8% potassium. A 10-10-10 contains 10% of those ingredients so it will take less 10-10-10- to do the same job as an 8-8-8. Read the label very carefully and don’t apply more than the recommended amount. We also find that adding fertilizer when there is not adequate rainfall or irrigation water will cause plant damage.

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Anonymous said...

And how did that really help tell me how much to use on a GG?