Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hi Anne,

We planted ligustrum against our fence. Of the 9 plants we planted, 7 are doing great and have grown well above the

fence for privacy. However two of them are struggling. They have lost leaves, and now have leaves that are yellow with brown spots. Is this an insect? What can I do this spring to nurse them back to health so they catch up with the others? We live in Cary, NC.

Thank you,


Anne's Response:

The spotted leaves are probably a result of a foliar leaf spot disease. The problem usually occurs when plants are too close together for good air circulation or where the soil is too wet and compacted. Spraying the plants with a lime-sulfur spray may help control the disease on the plants that are affected. Ligustrum are such hardy plants that that it is not necessary to spray the plants that are not affected.

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