Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thuja Green Giant

My son and daughter-in-law just planted some Thuja Green Giant trees in their backyard. They are only about 18"-24" high so they are just little things. The tops of the plants have turned brown. They are still pliable and appear to be alive. Is this normal, or are they not healthy? They ordered them online. They planted such a large quantity of them I just hope they haven't wasted their time and money. What do you think Anne? Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks for your time and your answer.


Anne's Response:

From your description I am not sure how much of the plants have turned brown or when the browing occurred. If the plants have been in the ground for several months and it is just the tip of the plant it may have been from cold damage. Plants that did not receive enough moisture during the winter can turn brown. If the plants were not watered well when they were put in the ground they may turn brown. Plants can turn brown and still remain pliable for a month or more. One of the instructions I give people planting material that has been shipped bareroot from some distance is to soak the plant roots in warm water. This improves the ability of the plant to absorb water through its roots. With recent rains plants are getting enough moisture and have not needed supplemental watering. The plants may recover and start producing new growth within the next few weeks. When the first new growth shows the plants should be fertilized with a slow release fertilizer. You may want to contact the nursery that supplied the plants for their recommendations.

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margaret said...

We just planted some green Thugas a few months ago, the tips were turning brown so we started watering more often, now the tips are turning yellow. Are they getting too much water?