Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Topiary Question

Hi Anne,

I purchased a Eugenia topiary last spring and planted it in a pot which I placed on my front porch. It did quite well over the summer and fall. I brought it inside over the winter and approximately 3 weeks ago I noticed white specks on the leaves. I researched the problem and thought it to be mealybugs. I purchased an insect spray and used it three times, but the specks are still there. Any thoughts on what might take care of this problem, or what the spots might be? It is a beautiful plant and I would hate to

Thanks so much!

Sheila M.

Anne's Response:

The problem could also be scale or aphids. If you can wipe the spots off it is usually scale or mealybugs. A spray may kill the insects but the white matter is still there until you rub it off. Aphids suck the fluids from the leaf of plants and leave a white mark that cannot be removed. The new leaves on the plant will not be infected.

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