Monday, October 29, 2007

Crytomeria browning

Hello Anne- I have (had) a wonderful row of 15 foot tall cytomeria (I'm pretty sure) in our backyard as a privacy wall. We noticed recently that they are turning brown from the bottom up about halfway up the tree. Nearly all of them are affected in this way. Not sure if it is the drought, as no sprinklers hit them and they get water only by the rain. Or possibly some type of mite or fungus. I NEED to save these, as it will be nearly impossible to replace them. Should I hand water them like crazy? HELP!!! Beth P.

Anne's response:

Cryptomeria does have problems with heat and drought. In full afternoon sun it will brown out its lower limbs in dry weather. It needs to be planted in humus rich soil where it gets protection from direct afternoon sun. If this is the first year you have had problems with the plants it may recover over the winter. Be sure the plant is well-mulched and do not prune the brown limbs until it starts to put on new growth. You may want to take a sample of the plant to a good nursery to see if you are correct in your identification of the plant.

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