Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I transplanted 5 nandina bushes 4 years ago each year I mulch them and fertilize with standard miricle grow the have yet to produce berries and remain 24-36 inches tall ONe year I put lime on the soil as we live in the sylva area and we have to lime the yard every year it is very clay-like and we also live in a section with a lot of mica.

My next step after this winter is to cut them back to nothing and then I am done unless there is something obvious that I could be doing.

Thank you for you suggestions.

Nancy D.

Anne's response:

If the plants were not producing berries when you transplanted them they may be cultivars that were developed for decorative foliage, not berries. They need full sun, soil on the acid side and very little fertilizer to produce berries. Miracle Gro may contain too much nitrogen for nandina.

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