Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Dear Anne, I have an indoor hybiscus plant and suddenly the leaves are turn color and following off. I also notice the the leaves feel sticky. Any suggestions. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Lorraine

Anne's response:

From the description of symptoms I think there may be two problems. The stickiness of the leaves is probably from insect secretions. Check for white flies or aphids. You can spray the plant with Insecticidal Soap to kill the insects. I leave the Insecticidal Soap on the plant for about 30 minutes and then I wash it off.

When leaves turn color and fall off it can be from natural aging of the plant. If the leaves that are lost are the older leaves on the plant it is natural leaf drop. If new leaves are being affected it may be a problem with watering or the plant may have ben in the container too long and needs repotting.

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