Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holes and tunnels

Hi Anne, I live in Raleigh, and I am having a terrible time. My yard is being over run by something, I have a cluster of about 6 holes in my yard about 3-4" diameter, and there deep, I try to fill them in, but they just come back, plus they have these shallow tunnels throughout the whole yard, its hard to work and play in the yard when you fill your going to sprain your ankle falling in one of these. What can I do, are we have squirrels in the yard, I have never seen any rabbits or moles, but I have seen a chip munk here and again, what can I do, my yard in pitiful.

Thanks, John

Anne's response:

Rabbits and chipmunks would make the types of holes you describe. “Havaheart” Traps will work to catch them and you can use a Neighborhood location system of providing them with another home. It is suggested that you relocate them to an area at least 4 miles away from your home.

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