Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Poison ivy

I have a bush that I like. It has poison ivy growing in it. How can I get rid of the poison ivy, and not hurt the bush. Does Poison Ivy become dormant in the winter? Would I catch poison ivy in January? I was thinking about using limb cutting tool to cut the leaves off. Then let the leaves turn brown on the ground. Can I catch poison ivy from the stems? Is it safe to go after the stems and roots when the leaves are off?

Thank you for your help,
Winston H.

Anne's response:

The chemical that causes the rash from poison ivy remains in the roots, stems and leaves. Many people get poison ivy rash during the winter because they are pulling on the vines after to leaves are no longer there to identify the plant. One method of controlling the vine in a shrub is to make up a solution of Roundup in the early fall and use a sponge or paint brush to apply the solution to the leaves of the poison ivy. You do need to use plastic gloves to protect your hands and arms. The vine will be killed then you can remove the vine from the shrub. You need to wear plastic gloves when touching the vine. I have found it helpful to use a large plastic bag and start at the top of the vine covering the pulling the vine into the bag. Remember to wash clothes that come in contact with the vines – and clean any clippers or other tools with alcohol after you use them on poison ivy.

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