Friday, November 30, 2007


Hello Ann!

I am inquiring on Ferns.

I purchased a fern from the school this year and to my surprise, it held up in the sun. And I mean the direct sunlight.

As the weather turned cooler outside, I figured it would be best to bring it in, so I did, and it's dying.

Any suggestions?
Should I have just left it outside and is there a chance to save it? It is huge and so pretty.

Deanna H.

Anne's response: Some Boston Ferns will do well in sunlight but they are not winter-hardy. They also resent being brought inside for the winter and will shed a lot of leaves. Keep it watered in an area with good light and out of air blowing from a heating system. Some people keep them in a heated garage for the winter and then trim them back and put them back outside when the weather warms up in April.

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