Friday, November 9, 2007

Wisteria transplanting

Hi There, I found your site and would like to ask you a question.... I am in Melbourne, Australia and have a 10 or so year old purple wisteria growing on our pagola. My husband wants to enclose the area and wants to dig it up and move it elsewhere in the garden. It is a very big plant, and would need to be cut back in a big way. How much can we cut it back and how gig is the root system... how far do we dig out, what season is the best time to do this and would it survive? I have got so many different answers from friends and am clueless as to what to do.

Regards, Jacquii

Anne's response:

The root system on a wisteria is quite large. It is also a plant that reproduces from root cuttings so there is often a problem of having quite a large garden of wisteria plants when one is dug up. In the southeastern United States we find that the oriental wisterias are overly aggressive garden plants and prefer cutting the plants to the ground and applying a brush killer to the stump to kill the plant. Small plants may be moved during their dormant season.

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