Friday, November 16, 2007

Rubber plants

Hi Anne,

I was on your site reading about the other ladies rubber plant.

My question is I received a cutting a few weeks ago and left it in water to grow roots, after two weeks I decided to plant it because it was getting no roots

Now a week later I notice it wilting can you please tell me what I may be doing wrong, I am hoping I never killed it as it is a piece from my gramma's plant.


Anne's response:

It may have died after being left in water for so long or the air around the plant may not have been moist enough for the cutting to survive in the cutting medium. Keeping a plastic tent around a cutting and keeping the soil around the cutting moist, but not sopping wet, does help.

Sometimes you can revive a plant by making cut across the bottom of the stem at a slant. Put the cutting in warm water for about 45 minutes to revive it and then try to root it again. Getting cuttings to take is not a sure-fire process. Even plant professionals do not expect all cuttings to survive. That is why we make several the first time.

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