Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I read your answer about hibiscus plants not surviving in cold climates. i brought mine into a greenhouse that is actually part of our living space and it faces west. the plants are full of buds and blooming now. should they be cut back? how much water is needed? do they go into a dormant stage? i have had hibiscus plants (shaped to look like a tree) before, but this year I got a red one with the most unusual blooms. the flowers are usually just one petal going around, but these blooms have like 3 going around and are magnificent. Is this a special hibiscus flower?

Anne's response:

Hibiscus do go dormant but they will retain their leaves until new ones appear in the spring. The ideal time to cut the plants back is in the spring when they are put back outdoors. They should be watered once a week.

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