Friday, November 30, 2007

Rosa of Sharon

Hello Ms Clapp, Where can I find a plant name Rosa of Sharon and when is the best time to plant them. Also, I'm wanted different color if they come that way. Thank you.

Anne's response: There are two plants with the common name “Rose of Sharon.” The plant we see most frequently in North Carolina is Hibiscus syriacus, which also has the common name althea. It is available in garden centers in the spring and is available in several shades of lavender, pink and white. There are also some with variegated leaves and double blooms. The plant grows to 5 feet tall or more and loses its leaves in the winter.

The other plant is Hypericum calycinum, also known as Aaron’s beard. It is a low shrub with evergreen foliage. It is a groundcover plant with large yellow blooms. /You will have more luck finding this plant in mail-order catalogs.

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