Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Leland Cyprus Turnign Brown near Trunk

I have a row of beautiful Leland Cyprus trees across the back of my yard that are approximately 30 feet tall. They have been in place for approximately 10 years. I just noticed this month that the inside portion of the trees nearest the truck that all the needles are turning brown while the outer limbs and tips remain green. Is this normal or am I looking at some form of disease attacking my trees. We have been in a drought here in North Carolina for over a year and I am wondering if they are reacting to the drought conditions. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Dan B.

Anne's Response:

Leyland cypress have a hard time in very dry conditions but if the plants have good air circulation and are mulched they should be able to withstand the drought we have had in North Carolina. If the brown growth is just on the inner part of the limbs it is probably old growth that is usually replaced by new growth in the spring. I would not fertilize the plants unless we have rain this spring.

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