Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Non-blooming hybiscus tree


I have a hibiscus tree that bloomed the first year I had it and has not bloomed since, I have tried different fertilizers repotted, everything the nursery workers have suggested but still no blooms the plant is healthy and leaves are beautiful but doesn’t have any bud or signs of bloom. I have had it probably 6 years, just waiting for that beautiful bloom but getting tired of keeping it through the winter if it isn’t going to product.


Anne's Response:

The plant may have had too much nitrogen fertilizer so that it prefers to grow rather than to bloom. If the plant is moved outdoors too quickly and is shocked by cold air the blooms are damaged. If it is in full sun, watered on a regular basis, and fertilized once a year just as the new growth starts on the plant in the spring it should bloom.

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