Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Privacy border trees

Hi Anne,

We moved into a new home last summer and between the summer heat and the extreme drought, we haven't done much to improve the yard. We need a privace border for our back yard as we live on a corner with all the subdivion traffic passing right by our back deck. We like the way Leyland Cypress look, but hesitate because they may vary in height from one another. We have a 4 foot fence and would like to plant about 25-30 feet along it on the side yard and about 35-45 feet across the back fence line. Any suggestions for low maintenance, quick growing privacy?


Anne's Response:

Pruning will keep plants at a similar height so Leyland cypress will workin sunny areas as well as anything else if you keep it pruned. Another choice for a sunny spot might be Nellie Stevens Holly. For sunny or shady areas Camellia sasanqua makes a dense hedge. Florida Anise is also a fast growing choice for shade or sun.

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