Monday, February 18, 2008

Miniature apple trees

Hi Anne,

I have 4 miniature apple trees planted in 2006. Last year they were full off blossoms but we got a cold wind that blackened most of the flowers but the ones that survived produced fruit. They grew to about the size of a small tomato then they started to fall off the tree. This happened to all the fruit on all the trees. Could you please let me know why you think this happened and what’s the cure. Also when is the best time to put fertilizer around the trees? Also I have this other apple tree it has a male and female grafted together. It’s about 6 years old and never flowered once in all that time. I’m tempted to just remove it altogether. I would be grateful for your advice on these problems.

Thank you,
Mike J.

Anne's Response:

Apples trees drop fruit when there is too much fruit on the tree. Thinning fruit to an amount the limbs can support and providing the water and nutrients the tree needs to develop the fruit that is set reduce the amount of fruit drop from a plant. Pre-mature fruit drop is also caused by insufficient pollination. Sometimes there are enough visits to a single blossom for the plant to set fruit but not enough for the fruit to develop properly. It is important to avoid using insecticides on fruit trees during the time they are in bloom. Apples trees should be fertilized 3 times during the year: when the tree blooms, when the fruit sets and in June.

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