Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter grass

I see grass that is bright green during the winter. What kind of grass seed do I need to purchase to have green grass during the winter and does this grass stay green during the summer?

Karen K., Charlotte

Anne's Response:

There are two types of “bright green grass” in the winter. The one that appears in spots in brown lawns and in gravel areas is Poa Annua, annual bluegrass. It dies out with warm weather but usually reseeds in the fall. It is considered a weed by most homeowners. The most common year-round green lawn grass in this area is fescue. It is planted in the fall and provides a bright green lawn in the fall, winter and early spring. By summer the heat does put the lawn under stress so it has to be watered frequently to keep it alive. With drought and water restrictions in North Carolina many homeowners are having difficulty keep fescue lawns green in the summer.

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