Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Camellia bush in south Arkansas

Hello Anne,

Our camellia bush has developed alot of tiny white specks on the under sides of the leaves. they are only approx. 1/16 in. long or less, and ovalish or elongated, not round at all, the tops of the leaves are very sickly looking also. would this be insect or fungus? need to know before i treat it, i don't want to be guessing.

Thanx, Kevin

Anne's response:

I think your plant is infected with “Tea Scale”. A scale insect problem with camellias that can be treated in cool weather with horticultural oil sprayed on the bottom of the leaves to smother the insect or spray with an insecticide that is labeled to kill scale. I have always preferred to spray with the oil – and I use Volck – in late September after the temperatures get below 80 degrees.

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