Monday, September 24, 2007

Teak and Silver Oak saplings

Hi Anne,

Recently i planted 4 teak and 4 Silver Oak saplings in our newly purchased piece of land. The distance between our residence is about 40 Kms and hence I was not in a position to water them daily. I planted it on a Friday evening and on Saturday eveing the Teak leaves were showing black spots and the silver oak leaves were in red color instead of green. I watered during eveings till Sunday and left it. On wednesday when I checked, 2 of the teak leaves are completely black in color and the silver oaks were all having red colors. The land has few green grass growing on. Hence I assume the land must be moist even though it rains once in a week. Even if the Tree leaves are gone, will they grow back when it rains or when the roots are quite established? I live in Bangalore, India where the temperature is around 28C to 36C, partly cloudy with rainfall expected every 3 days or so during this time. What should I do to save them ? What is your advice on growing these trees? I have already put manure for them.


Anne's response:

The change in color of the leaves happened entirely too quickly to be transplant shock so I suspect the trees were suffering from drought before you planted them. I prefer not to fertilize or manure plants when they are put in the ground. They need to develop a root system so fertilizing in the spring of the year after they are put in the ground is usually the ideal time to apply fertilizer. If the plants were watered enough to get roots in contact with the land of their new home they should not need to be watered if the area you are in has rainfall as frequently as you indicate.

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