Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I live in Greensboro and have 2 young dogwoods planted. One is doing fairly well, growing and spreading out. The other tends to look like half of the tree is dead, but both trees are around the same height. Is there a fertilizer or something else I can do? I have tried to keep them watered during this drought. I do have some shoots growing up in the mound on both trees. Should I leave them alone? They look healthy. Is there anything I can do for them during the cooler months that are coming? Thank you for you help.


Anne's response:

Sometimes when we plant a tree the soil does not get evenly moist around the roots and the roots do not make good contact with the soil. Portions of the tree will loose leaves and die. Keep the trees mulched with ground leaves or a bark mulch and fertilize in the spring just as the flowers open.

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