Monday, September 24, 2007

Rubber tree removal

Dear Anne,

We had to remove a 30' rubber tree from our yard because it was pushing in the cement around the pool. We jackhammers away all of the old cement around the pool and have been digging the large roots out. Will the tree come back from the roots? I don't want to put down a new pool deck and have the tree come back through it.

We live near the beach in Orange County CA and are looking for new plants to grow next to the fences that will not cause a mess in the pool and will have minimum root systems. Can you give us some suggestions?

Lessa C.

Anne's response:

Rubber trees can come back from underground roots but they can be controlled by spraying the plant with Roundup as soon as the new growth appears. The growth would not come back up under the concrete but in an area close to the edge.

As for suggestions for plants along your fence I suggest you contact the California Cooperative Extension Service for a list of suggested plants.
A local garden center or nursery would also have some suggestions for plants that work.

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