Monday, September 24, 2007

Magnolia tree removal

Hi, I have a Magnolia tree that we planted about 4 years ago. We are having a pool put in and have to move the tree. Any suggestions, we don't want to lose it. Thanks.

Kay M.

Anne's response:

A magnolia tree that was planted four years ago should have developed an extensive root system by now. How, or whether, you move the tree depends on the size of the plant. If it is more than 8 feet tall it probably has a root system that is large enough to need the services of a professional with a tree spade. The plant and root ball may weigh more than 200 pounds and that is hard to do without a backhoe or tree spade. You may find that it is easier to just replace the tree with another one after you put your pool in. It is always best to move a plant when it is dormant so any move should be made during your winter months.

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